While working on a device to help humans in distress, the idea of, “Hey, what about pets?” came to life. Pets can’t just say, “I’m lost. Please take me to, 123 Main Place, in Anywheresville.

But what if one of those little droopy eyed babies arrived on your front porch and all you had to do was scan a QR Code on their collar to know if they have any urgent health issues and what their family’s contact info is?

Pets are like our kids, we love them to death, and would do anything for them. Since they can't speak for themselves, now with this technology, we can! All the pet’s vital information can be brought to your screen in 5 seconds flat. Think of all the happy reunions that can take place. All the kids so grateful you scanned their “help I’m lost” code and called to report their pet was found.

How can we help you today? Just give us a call at (844)-234-9663 or email us at cs@mypetsemergencyid.com and someone will be happy to answer your questions. You can also look at our FAQ page!

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